Application for Membership

We are always looking to add enthusiastic individuals to our membership.

When can I apply to be a Member?  You can apply for membership after you have completed two classes after Puppy-K.

What are the advantages of being a Member?

      • You may train as many dogs as you wish. 
      • You may train, at no additional cost, in Puppy-K, Advanced, Rally and any Competition Obedience classes.
      • You may train, at the additional cost of $50 per class and per dog, in Beginner and Intermediate.
      • You will take advantage of our experienced instructors. 
      • You will have all the privileges of being a Member of a Club, including voting at the Annual Meeting or serving on the Board.
      • At the Annual Meeting, based on your dog’s accomplishments, you may receive awards and trophies.
      • You will receive our newsletter.
      • You will enjoy the camaraderie of others who enjoy their dogs and training with them.

We have members who compete in Rally, Obedience, Agility and show in Conformation and some use the classes to continue to train their dogs for therapy work. Of course, there are members who don’t compete, but who just want to have a well mannered pet!

What are my Responsibilities as a Member?  Nothing other than paying Annual Dues.

What are my Responsibilities as a Training Member?

To foster community among our Training Members and to distribute Club work, we are asking each Training Member to perform a task during each calendar year.  These opportunities include, but are not limited to:

  • Being a Board member
  • Helping with HEEL, our publication
  • Helping with our annual Obedience Trial, whether ahead of time or during the trial
  • Helping with the annual maintenance of our storage shed, including mat cleaning
  • Taking pictures during classes to keep our website up to date
  • Maintaining and refreshing our Facebook page.

If you can’t perform a task, you may continue as a Training Member if you make a $100 donation to the club.


Complete your application by clicking on the MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION bar and submit to PDTC.

Pay your Annual Dues and Training Fee (if applicable):

  • Through PayPal (PayPal fee added).
  • Through Zelle on your online bank account to (no fee).


Individual or 1st household member$50.00No Training$50.00
Individual or 1st household member$50.00$380.00$430.00
2nd household member$50.00No Training$50.00
2nd household member$50.00$150.00$200.00


Individual of 1st household member$25.00No Training$25.00
Individual of 1st household member$25.00$190.00$215.00
2nd household member$25.00No Training$25.00
2nd household member$25.00$75.00$100.00

Membership Fee

Your application is not complete until the Treasurer receives both your application and correct payment. When complete, you will receive an email confirmation. YOUR APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP WILL BE PRESENTED TO THE BOARD AT ITS NEXT MEETING.