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When can I apply to be a Member? 
You can apply for membership after you have completed one (1) class after Puppy-K.

What are the advantages of being a Member?

  • You may train as many dogs as you wish.
  • You may train, at no additional cost, in Puppy-K, Advanced Companion 2, and any of our Competition classes.
  • You may train, at the additional cost of $50 per class and per dog, in Beginner and Advanced Companion 1 classes.
  • You will take advantage of our experienced instructors, including one who is an AKC Obedience Judge.
  • You will have all the privileges of being a Member of a Club, including voting at the Annual Meeting or serving on the Board.
  • You will receive our newsletter.
  • You will be included in social events throughout the year.
  • You will enjoy the camaraderie of others who enjoy their dogs and training with them.

What are the Annual Dues?  $45

What are the Annual Training Fees?

  • $280 for an individual or the first household member.
  • $100 for each additional household member.
  • $10 discount for Seniors (70 or older).

PDTC has a mentoring program to match up new members with others who are experienced handlers. We have members who train and show in Rally and Obedience and Agility and those who use the classes to continue to train their dogs for therapy work. Of course, there are members who don’t compete, but who just want to have a well mannered pet!

Click here to download membership application form

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